Monday, 8 July 2013

Quick and easy: Making gift decorations from recycled notebooks

This post has been planned for way too long, in fact I took the pictures in the beginning of this year. I have for the last couple of months postponed the process of adding watermarks and writing up tutorials, but I thought that while watermarking pictures of the garden I would get this post done too. I hope you will enjoy it :) Pictures of the blossoms will be up tomorrow :)

My mum preaches recycling and all that jazz, so despite fighting it in my earlier years I have now succumb to the joys of DIY and recycling. In fact I have another DIY in the works for you guys when I come home from Peru :) Lets begin. 
The different stages of the flower
Supplies: 4 paper strips left over when all the pages are ripped out of a perforated notebook, a stapler and a string.

Time: Each flower takes about 10 minutes top.

1. Find four strips of paper
2. Create a loop letting the paper overlap so one hole is double as shown above. Staple either on the one side of the hole as shown or on both sides.
ALTERNATIVE/ I did not any flowers using this method, but the flower would look quite different using this. This is one strand bend around, staple it in place either side of where I have my finger. I would suggest only using two strands for this flower as it is a bit wider.
3. Find the middle of the circle opposite where you have stapled, making it into the shape shown above.  
4. Once you have created four loops lay them on top of each other with their central hole over one another, pull a string through tying knots either side to hold the flower in place. Make sure the knots are as close to one another as possible as otherwise the flower will look floppy, and well not much like a flower.

Now all that's left is to enjoy your creation, whether it is by hanging it up like I've done or by adding it as a decoration to a present. I love the minimalistic qualities it posses and love the idea of adding it to a present either wrapped in white, grey or black paper.

I hope you liked this DIY, I just happened to have quite a few notebooks laying around and got frustrated looking at all this paper I was throwing away. If you have other suggestions for how you can use this paper I would love to hear them. :)

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