Wednesday, 3 July 2013

IKEA hack... Sort of.

As promised here's an IKEA hack I did recently. I have to confess that it is not the one I initially planned to post today, but as I am still not fully done setting cleaning up after the other one I have no pictures yet. So I'm afraid that one won't be up till after I come back from Peru. In the meantime there will be a few posts coming the coming days.

This hack came about when I was wondering what to do with the side of my IKEA PAX closet. I had initially stuck Slätthult stickers on the side, but grew a little tired of them and needed something else. I remembered I had these picture ledges, so as soon as I could get them from my mum I drilled holes in the side of the PAX unit and I was away.

I unfortunately forgot to take pictures (read: too excited to do this hack), but the same idea applies as hanging the shelf on walls: hold it up at the desired hight, use a spiritlevel to make sure it is level, mark the holes and drill.
I had played around with the screws that is used to attatch two PAX units for my other IKEA hack, that I will share in August, and thought they ought to be able to be used in this hack too. I ordered 4 from IKEA, unfortunately I found out the screws were too long, and I didn't have the tools to cut them shorter.
Instead I used metal washers to make up for it (check pictures below).

All in all I'm very pleased with the result, and I think it is perfect for anyone renting not wanting to hammer nails in the wall. I love that I can change what I display as it is very close to my bed and I wake up to it every morning.

I will share some snazzier after-pictures as soon as I get the rest of the room in order ;) Oh the joy of living in a flat with very little storage :)

Have a great day :) 

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