Sunday, 6 January 2013

The beauty of dried flowers

I thought you might like these close-up pictures of the Carnations I used in the wreath I posted earlier, here is a link to it.

Best Wishes Sasha :)

Quick and easy: Dried flower wreath

Supplies: Basic wreath (I bought mine from Wilkinsons, just before Christmas), any kind of decorations - in this case dried flowers, and patience ;)

Time: Depending on concentration and amount of flowers, mine took about 30 min - but as I was listening to an online lecture at the same time, I could probably have finished it a bit quicker.

Process: I had dried some carnations that I bought a few weeks before christmas. Drying flowers can be really easy. Cut their stems to the desired length. In this case about 15 cm. Next tie them together and hang them with the heads down. This ensures the flowers keep upright and therefore look nice.

I took the bundles apart, and started adding the flowers by gently into the gaps in the wreath, making sure they were stuck in place between two branches. I added all the flowers, but you can add fewer or more depending on your preferences. Here are a few progress pictures:

If you don't have a wreath like mine, but a general wreath (or just want to attach the flowers more) you can attach the flowers by using metal wire, or even a glue gun in some cases. I suggest you try the metal wire option first as it ensures that the wreath can be reused if you want to change it later.


Hope you like the result. It is now hanging on my bathroom door. As this is rented university accommodation I am not allowed to put nails in the walls. Fortunately I had a suction hook that could attach to my metal door. Check back later this week for a post on living in university accommodation. It will be the first in a series where I give a few examples of things you can do to make it feel more at home, while still complying with university regulations.

Hope you had a great weekend!
Best wishes Sasha :)

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