Thursday, 8 November 2012


Life at uni is hard. Have just handed in my first assessed work yesterday. Sat in the library from 13 till 1 Sunday and again from 18 till 8 Monday. I had told myself for the first non assessed hand-in that it was the last time I would leave it till the last minute to do work, but it didn't work as you see. I'm okay pleased with the work I did, as it was my research - all the reading - that pushed the actual reading back.
So today I decided to treat myself to a little fun. I went to the cinema, with some of the guys from my flat, to see Skyfall (thank you for the free ticket). It was AMAZING. Judi Dench at her best and Javier Bardem WOW, so creepy yet so amazingly comical. I love the new direction Bond has gone in, from physical to psychological and a little physical fighting. For the last couple of scenes I was halfway behind my jacket hiding from Javier Bardem's amazing portrayal of Silva, and I say halfway because even though Silva is definitely the villain Bardem manages to bring a soft side to the character as well.
I have never heard the audience laugh that much while watching a Bond film before, at least not to my recollection, another thing I think is amazing about this bond film.
So all in all GO SEE IT!!!!

Tomorrow, Friday, I fly off to Sweden to see my amazing friend. I haven't seen her in nearly 3 months, can't wait. Hopefully I will be able to post some pictures and other fun stuff when I come back. I have two essays due for when I come back, but as soon as they are out the way. It will be blogging time.

A final thing that is close to my heart, THANK YOU for reelecting BARACK OBAMA America. Went to bed last night scared of what today would bring, but America you proved the critics wrong and chose the man most fit to run a country which is an enormously powerful player in international politics. Thank you!
Until next time, keep safe and do go see Skyfall. Best wishes Sasha
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